Office Chairs for Bad Backs Review

Most of us know that sitting for a few hours behind a desk can take a massive toll on our backs if we’re not careful. The problem is that most of us need to sit through the day and get work done. So what can we do? Here’s a list of a few things that can be done to minimize back pain like:

  • Investing in office chairs that provide adequate lumbar support
  • Taking micro breaks on a regular basis
  • Setting up the work area to avoid straining the eyes, back or neck
  • Sitting with a posture that promotes good back health

Most of these recommendations are habits. If we can take a few breaks and sit with good posture we’ll be minimizing the chances of back pain. One of the recommendation is not a habit, and that is to invest in a properly designed office chair.

An office chair that was designed to minimize back pain will do that: minimize back pain. Simple, right. But most of us aren’t willing to trow up a few extra dollars for a good office chair. For those of us that can’t bear the pain anymore, this guide is for you.

Best Office Chairs for Bad Backs – Review


How to choose a chair for back pain

There are many kinds of ergonomic chairs that are available on the market for use in the office. There is no chair that is considered to be the best but there are certain things to consider when choosing an office chair for back pain.

The following are factors to consider when buying an office chair for back pain:

Seat height

A good office chair for back pain should have a height that is easily adjustable. The best way to achieve this is through a pneumatic adjustment lever. Seat heights that range from approximately 16 – 21 inches from the floor are effective for many people. This is because such a height allows users to place their feet flat on the floor with their arms even with the desk height and thighs horizontal.

Seat depth and width

The office chair should have adequate depth and width such that it can support all users comfortably. The standard width is 17 to 20 inches. The depth of the chair i.e. front to back should be adequate such that users can sit with their back against the ergonomic office chair’s backrest. It should leave roughly 2 – 4 inches between the seat of the chair and the back of the knees. The backward or forward tilt of the seat ought to be easily adjustable.

Lumbar support

Good ergonomic office chairs must have lower back support. “The inward curve of the lumbar spine should be supported especially when sitting for long hours.” According to a seamless gutters san diego Contractor, Josh Woolley. The main reason for this is to avoid slouching that flattens the curve. The result is that the structures located in the lower spine get strained. Ideal office chairs for back pain should be designed with lumbar adjustment for both depth and height to provide adequate support to the lower back’s inward curve.


Ergonomic office chairs should be designed to easily rotate in such a manner that users are able to reach various areas of their desk without straining.


The armrests of office chairs must be adjustable to allow the arms of the user to rest comfortably and to keep their shoulders relaxed. The lower arms and elbows should slightly rest. In addition, the forearm should never be on the armrest during typing.

Seat material

The material on both the back and seat of the office chair should have adequate padding for comfort and longevity. Breathable cloth fabric is preferable to a hard surface.


A good office chair for back pain should have backrest that is 12 – 19 inches wide. Backrests that are independent of seats should be adjustable in both angle and height. Office chairs with backrest and seat together as a single entity should be easily adjustable in back and forward angles. In addition, they should have a locking mechanism that prevents them from going too far backward.

How an office chair can lower back pain

Ergonomic office chairs lower back pain in the following ways: • They have improved lumbar support that is good for the lower back.

  • Adjustable backrests properly support the spinal curvature of all spines.
  • They are fitted with tilt control that enables the body to move in a natural way thus keeping the core muscles active when sitting.
  • They are designed with increased seat depth to enable the lower back to relax against the chair’s back thus taking the pressure off the user’s thighs.
  • Their adjustable arms allow users to achieve the right height for the desk so that both feet are placed on the floor to relieve the upper spine, neck and shoulders of unnecessary strain.

Office chairs For Bad Backs Review

The following is a comprehensive review of office chairs for bad backs:

Modway office chair


This is a high-quality product from the renowned Modway brand. It is ideal for lumbar support. It has the following unique features. It is available in various colors to suit different customer preferences i.e. black, Bright Green, Gray, Brown, Green, Orange, Red, Brown, Tan, Terracota and White. It has a suitable size of 22.5″L x 26″W x 42 – 45.5″ This facilitates easy storage.

This office chair can accommodate users who have a weight of up to 330 lbs. It has a sturdy construction with 5 dual wheel casters that promote mobility, easy height adjustment, a 360º swivel to access different areas of work area and a chrome aluminum frame for aesthetics.

This product can be used either on a conference table or a computer desk. It is very portable due to its light weight of 41 pounds.

Ficmax office desk chair

The Ficmax brand has produced a superb office chair that provides optimum lumbar massage support to consumers. It has a light weight of just 51.4 pounds to promote portability when the need arises.

This product has suitable dimensions of 33.8 x 12.6 x 25.2 inches. This allows for easy storage as it does not occupy much space.

This ergonomic chair is designed with lumbar cushion, removable headrest pillow, seat-height adjustment, smooth armrest, 90 – 180-degree backwards movement and 360-degree swivel. It has a strong structure that is characterized by heavy duty chair base that has castors and international standard explosion-proof gas spring. These ensure that the chair is very stable.

This office chair for bad backs has a maximum capacity of 300lb. This is very high, to mean that most people can comfortably use it. It is made using very high-quality material i.e. high-density thicker sponge that has both high permeability and resilience as well as top-notch PU leather that is fade resistant and easy to clean.

Myka’s office chair

This is a premium product from the Myka’s brand that is meant to provide exceptional comfort and back support. It is available in black and brown colors that compliment most office furniture and décor.

This product has premium and soft PU leather to provide a thick padding for the user’s back and plush cushioning for the seat for maximum support and comfort for the back. It is very easy to assemble with just 12 pecs screws required to fix it.

It has a 2-year warranty that covers any manufacturing defects in workmanship and material. It is fitted with universal racing caster wheels that are silent and smooth.

This chair is designed with a star base and tubular steel frame to provide it with high stability. In fact, it is this high stability that facilitates its exemplary carrying capacity of 250lbs. It can easily be moved from one place to another because of its light weight i.e. 36.4 pounds. Size – It has a suitable size with dimensions of 28.7 x 24.8 x 42.2 inches that allows for convenient storage.

BestOffice office chair

BestOffice has done it again by producing this state-of-the-art chair for ideal lumbar support.  It has a suitable size that does not occupy much space thus allowing for easy storage i.e. 20 x 15 x 3 inches.

This office chair significantly promotes portability due to its light weight of 68 pounds. Capacity – It can comfortably carry people up to a maximum weight of 250LB. It is designed with a 360-degree swivel that allows users to access all points of their working areas.

This product includes double padded armrests. These features improve comfort when using the product. It is also fitted with pneumatic controls to adjust seat height.


HLC Executive Computer Desk Chair

This HLC product has a high back, thick padding and adjustable angle recline for lumbar support and comfort. This is provided by the high back design of the chair.

It is designed with a waterfall seat edge and soft padding so that less pressure is induced at the back of the user’s legs for optimum comfort over long hours.

This product has a locking system that enables users to securely maintain a right angle for as long as they desire. In addition, flip up design of the arms can be customized for personal comfort.

Its bonded leather is unique and elegant thus providing a comfortable and incredibly strong experience. It is fitted with a heavy-duty nylon base as well as nylon rolling casters for easy movement. In fact, it is this tough construction that facilitates its high capacity of 250 pounds.

It is available in a neutral black color that compliments any office environment. This product offers consumers a 1-year warranty against any defects thus reducing risk.



The above insightful information about office chairs for bad backs reviews clearly shows some of the best products available on the market. Keep in mind that even though an office chair may not solve your back problems, it will definitely keep the situation from becoming worse.

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