How to Hire the Right Catering Company

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Caterer

Plan accordingly. Choose a caterer who you know is competent and has already done this type of event before. Also, secure your food and beverage insurance policies and expect to pay a healthy premium. Choose a catering service that uses their own food and beverage vendors or works closely with local vendors that sell food. Get a word of mouth recommendation from people you know and respect and also from local catering and food stores and websites. Doing a few untraditional searches will extend the list of possible service providers for your business conference.

 There are Many Food Options

It is the end of the day and unfortunately, you’ve only just begun your corporate event. All you want to do is send out the list of attendees and all the food and beverage providers who quote the lowest prices….but the list you’re going to go on is absolutely massive.

Imagine there are well over 100+ venues and food providers in your library. You’re going to have to dig deep. Out of all of the people, approximately 10 people you want to meet.

Who are these 10 people? Who is going to provide the food and beverage choices, and table decorations? And you most likely aren’t going to have many if any meetings with these people.

If you are going to make face-to-face meetings with these important people, make sure your summit is fun. Don’t ask your colleagues to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself.

Let’s say you have a guest speaker and someone in your company is in an area where lunch and dinner are both well-liked. The host gets his or her own space. You enter food and beverage off of your to-do list and ask your potential sponsors, “What can we serve?” You’re going to create a huge list of potential very successful clients.

Make a list of what you want

Send these out individually or ask your new guest speaker to forward along copies of each one to all the people that received them as well as prospective sponsors. Couple these testimonials with your business review of groups you’ve previously helped. You’re not eliminating the risk, you’re adding to it.

Crateful Catering in Los Angeles recently told us that if you’ve seen a perfect match for you at an event, consider talking to a potential sponsor about signing them up for your locations and presentation. Remember, they’re committed time and money to an event you’re excited about hosting.

Create a timeline

When the event is complete, make sure everyone you want to attend is there. Schedule them all up front to include the social media channels of every professional, and let them know where they should be located. If you expect them to work the event, then set their tasks and requirements.

It’s natural that you want to acquire new attendees and make sure you don’t “drop the ball.” During your architectural learns, it’s very common to have hopeful new attendees that have their networking inquiries just take a while to feel confident.

One of the things you can offer is a evaluation form after the presentation or taper. Or if you know you’ll have additional development materials, offer to put them in an organizedastic set. This way, everyone will be able to access the materials they need to take away quickly and to make any necessary changes to their presentations, poster boards, etc.

Make the time before and after your event a convenient and fun time for everyone to attend. A well organized event will convince even the most busy of people that you are well organized and provide inspiration for attending future events.

Pick a corporate catered event that fits you’d like to attend

Choose a venue that you know and respect. If it’s a favorite restaurant, choose a venue that you think of leading the way there. If it’s a bigcapacity event or venue, choose a venue that is called upon by people who regularly host circuit big events.

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